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9 song album.
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released December 31, 2012





BLACKCLOUD is from Boise, Idaho.

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Track Name: Darkness
We march, single file
To the tune of a million
dead thoughts
Art is a waist individuality is a curse
conform for the better
speak out for the worse
Reaching for broken pieces
clenching the things we hold dear
We Are Hungry
For Anything
To Relate To
I want more, than what is left.
We meant what we said
and said what we meant
Track Name: Sixteen (Anthem of the Cheated)
I raise a blind eye to your torture
And a deaf ear to your cries
Your choices have 
hardened my heart

If god saves every last one of us
I exercise my free will
And choose to design my own fate
And not die as a slave
Sixteen (Anthem Of The Cheated):

Even though it was all your mistake 
I look for ways to blame myself 
I can apologize forever about everything I'm not
And continue to tip toe 
On the door step of want
We have all become what we hate the most
Contempt with nothing of any
Real importance
Birth into wants
Death, with nothing left
Consume with no contribution
Life Is Lifeless
No No No instead
I will forever be driven to be more than I am
Never be complacent 
Let my morals stand firm
Track Name: Selfish
I cant shake the weights tied to both wrists 
That keep me from beating my fists
Against my head in frustration, with myself and
the decisions we make with no regard 
for anyone else
Make me fucking sick
You can yell and scream.
Because we have jesus
we need our tv's it normal 
to so into fear
how can we feel honor
honor your word honor you life
honor your word honor you life
but no one beats me up worse than myself
i count my mistakes on each hand
Till i have no fingers left.
Track Name: Cult Life
Cult Life:
Journal entry, its been so long
since my last provision

Can i let it all out without shutting down.
all the shit that is wrong
with this fucking town
Or the choices i've made that shape who i am.
The things I do I don't understand.

My hand shakes, from gripping this pen so tight
But i have to get this out
or it consumes my life
Im caught between 
the hate i have for where im at and where im from
consume, destroy, rebuild, bullshit
lets just wait, wait.
my heart watches your skill needing more war
become complacent with love
and i will not be butchered 
Track Name: Experience
Age has caught up with me
before, life.
I am able to see clearer now
There will, never be return 
for the work done.
Just the satisfaction, that is has been completed
There is no longer expression without confrontation

We have light in our hands, to be more than just men
and onward we speak to set fire to our existence 

with the light in our hands, to be more than just men
and onward we speak to set fire
and onward we speak to set fire
WE breath to impress but have yet to show progress
Track Name: From Birth
From Birth:

Force fed bullshit
buying in and selling out
Condemn the different
out of personal preference
How is the view from your high horse
Gifted by the ones in control. 
If you are a real thinker
Never be complacent 
Reach for more
Brain washed into just getting by
Track Name: Heavy Sun
Heavy Sun:
Is it so arrogant to be so optimistic.
Creativity replaced with a paycheck
Art dies for a quick 15 minutes
I am surrounded by the same conversations.
Brain washed to the world outside and left
with nothing
Stand up, speak out
how should we change the things we cant
so we can have the things we lack

If You're Not Pissed
You Aren't Paying Attention

We're all sunbathed to hell
being drug down with the blind fold we tied our selves
we are sunbathed to hell
Track Name: Hell Is Empty
Hell is empty:
It has gotten hard to keep my meals down
the stress of life tortures me
i want to be better than this
better than us

Hell is empty
the devils are here
the feast on our insecurities

and we let them